Hi all !

I have an ASP Page that retrieves some files from a Location on the Server.

It then displays the file along with the Delete Link.On Clicking Delete Link, the Ideal Intension is to Delete the File from the specified Path

Suppose the Path is "D:\ABC\"
and file to be delete is a.xls

so i have written the following code in the DeleteFile.asp
dim fname
dim servername

Response.Write fname

Set fso =  Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

fso.DeleteFile fname

response.Write "File Deleted"
the parameter name/fname has the name of file in the following way

The above code works properly when testing page on the same server, but when testing page remotely / from LAN, it fails to perform

I guess, the reason its failing coz , i am passin the file name as D:\ABC\A.xls

Is there any work around for this?probably , passing filename with respect to IP address or something lik that

Please Advice