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Thread: MSSQL + Create tables via VB

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    Hi all,

    I need some help, I want to create a table in MSSQL 7.0 using VB6 with DAO and ODBC. I used a declaration of connection and when I try to go about creating the TableDef I keep on getting and error 'Object not supported for this type object.
    I tried various ways but no luck.

    Here is a snipet of the db open and the the create attempt:
    '|Db decl
    Dim wrkMain As Workspace
    Dim dbMain As Connection
    Dim rsMain As Recordset

    Set wrkMain = CreateWorkspace("Transfers", "", "", bUseODBC)
    Set dbMain = wrkMain.OpenConnection("Transfers",dbDriverComplete,False,"ODBC;DATABASE=Emmadb;UID=sa;PWD=;DSN=Emma DB")

    '|create table
    Dim tblDef As TableDef
    Dim prpLoop As Property
    Dim dbTemp As Database

    Set dbTemp = dbMain.Database
    Set tblDef = dbTemp.CreateTableDef("Transfer_Hist") OR
    Set tblDef = dbMain.Database.CreateTableDef("Transfer_Hist")

    Both the last lines of code give the same error, anybody got ideas or suggestions ?


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    I may be wrong on this, but I do not believe that you can use the Jet workspace this way. You need to use a SQL pass through query, such as "CREATE TABLE MyTable...."

    TableDefs are Jet representations of underlying SQL Server data structures, I don't think that you can use them directly to create tables like this.

    If I am wrong (and I may be), let me know. I am interested.

    For sure though, the pass-through stuff will work.


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