when i execute my application; login is done successfully but when i try to go to new user form; it starts flickering and control goes to AccessDataAccessLayer(from exe file to code) and an arrow appears pointing towards a statement asking: "this is the statement to be executed next"

VB Code:
  1. Protected Function GenerateRoleCollectionFromReader(ByVal returnData As IDataReader) As CollectionBase
  2. Dim colRoles As New BusinessLogicLayer.RolesCollection
  3.             While returnData.Read()
  4.                 Dim newRole As New BusinessLogicLayer.Roles(CInt(returnData("roleId")), CStr(returnData("roleName")))
  5.                 colRoles.Add(newRole)
  6.             End While
  7.             Return colRoles
  8.         [B]End Function[/B] 'From here it starts asking me about the next exe stmt

when i click on run button; it starts run and then it asks me after a few statements same thing. when i click on the "Save" button to be save data; it gives following error in the code

Error: Syntax error in INSERT INTO statement

VB Code:
  1. Private Function ExecuteScalarCmdWithIdentity(ByVal sqlCmd As OleDbCommand) As Integer
  2. ' Validate Command Properties
  3.             If ConnectionString = String.Empty Then
  4.                 Throw New ArgumentOutOfRangeException("ConnectionString")
  5.             End If
  6.             If sqlCmd Is Nothing Then
  7.                 Throw New ArgumentNullException("sqlCmd")
  8.             End If
  9.             Dim idCmd As New OleDbCommand
  10.             idCmd.CommandText = "SELECT @@IDENTITY"
  12.             Dim result As Integer = 0
  13.             Dim cn As New OleDbConnection(Me.ConnectionString)
  14.             Try
  15.                 sqlCmd.Connection = cn
  16.                 idCmd.Connection = cn
  17.                 cn.Open()
  18.                [COLOR=Red] sqlCmd.ExecuteNonQuery() [/COLOR] 'error appears here
  19.                 result = CInt(idCmd.ExecuteScalar())
  20.             Finally
  21.                 cn.Dispose()
  22.             End Try
  24.             Return result
  25.         End Function 'ExecuteScalarCmdWithIdentity

Note: It doesn't happen with other menus but only with new user's data