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    Lightbulb C#

    I am learing Visual Basic.Net at that time. After learning that langage can I easily learn the C# language or I at the basics of it.

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    Re: C#

    C# and VB.NET both leverage the .NET Framework so the vast majority of the classes and other types you use in each language will be exactly the same. Often equivalent lines of code in VB.NET and C# will look exactly the same except for the semicolon. Also, bot languages have been created to use the Framework in essentially the same way, so both support properties with getters and setters, etc. The C# syntax is based on C/C++ though, while the VB.NET syntax is based on VB6. These are two completely different heritages so the sytax is different. Two different programming languages can only be so different though, and C# and VB.NET are not so different that it is too difficult to make the switch from one to the other. Any previous C, C++ or Java experience will stand you in good stead, but any .NET experience will be helpful. Just remember that C# is a different language so allow for the fact that some things will be different. Also, even at its strictest VB.NET is still more lax than C#, so if you've been coding VB.NET with Option Strict Off it will be quite a shock. I would recommend that everyone turn Option Strict On, but even then VB.NET will do some things implicitly that C# requires you to do explicitly.

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