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Thread: Waiting on ping

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    Waiting on ping

    I'm working on an application that goes through a given list of IP addresses, pings each one, and returns the result.

    The code for pinging looks like:

    Dim objWSHShell As New WshShell
    Dim objPingExec As WshExec

    Set objPingExec = objWSHShell.Exec("ping -n 2 -w " & CStr _ (i_lPingTimeout) & " " & i_strTargetPC)

    i_lPingTimeout and i_strTargetPC are a timeout and pc name respectively.

    When you run this code, what happens is the application window hangs up.
    When you try to move the form, you get trailers and white smears.

    I think whats going on is the Set objPingExec... line is waiting for ping to run to completion.

    What I'd like to do is NOT have my program hang up when it pings a PC.

    Anyone know how I can do that?

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    Re: Waiting on ping

    You could try using my Ping Class. It is pretty robust.
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