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Thread: storing data in actual program

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    i know how to store data in text files and stuff... is it possible to store data in the actual program? that way it doesn't write external files? i don't want anyone to read the file that will be written, but i don't want to have to write encryption or anything... i'd prefer it to stay in the program itself..

    is this possible? or is my idea trash?

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    Use registry. And use encryption. Simplest encryptions code and decode with same function. It's not all that hard.

    A very simple (en)crypt for strings:
    Public Function strCrypt (Text As String) As String
        Dim A As Integer
        strCrypt = ""
        For A = 1 To Len(Text)
            strCrypt = strCrypt & Chr(255 - Asc(Mid(Text, A, 1)))
        Next A
    End Function
    With some modifications you can make your very own crypter. I think best would be to make separated functions for crypting and decrypting.

    Btw, it's kinda possible to store in to the actual exe, but it's VERY hard to do without many tries and looking the program with hex-editor. Don't do it - if you get it working, you've to do it again if you update the program.

    Hope this helps,

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    take a look at PropertyBag

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