i know there are many threads abt this. but i cant find my reqd info in ne of em. i am running this code to create a matlab object on a remote computer

VB Code:
  1. Dim Matlab As Object
  3.         Dim server_version As String
  5.         Matlab = CreateObject("matlab.application", "daniz")
  6.         server_version = Matlab.Execute("t=[0 1 2]")
  7.         MsgBox(server_version)
  9.         Matlab = Nothing

it alwayz give me err "cant create activex compoment". the remote comp has no firewall. and i have played around the settings in dcomcnfg on remote comp but they dint work. both computers are running Win Xp pro and Matlab R14. the client (developer) machine has Microsoft VS.NET and .NET framework 2.0

can any1 tell me where i went wrong. wats the correct settings for dcomcnfg on client and server.

this is v urgent