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Thread: Question regarding oracle and vs2005

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    Question regarding oracle and vs2005

    Im trying to build my typed datasets using the tableadapter wizard in vs2005 I have two problems:

    1)Why cant I select the "stored procedure" choice when I create my select. All I can select is the top choice "sql query"

    2) When Im working in the query analyzer and I want a parameter, Im used to write @Myparam... But that doesnt seem to work, I get an oracle error.

    Please note that im used to sql server, this is my first oracle project in vs2005!!! I have developed SPs in pl/sql for 2 years....

    kind regards

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    Re: Question regarding oracle and vs2005

    I always use the SQL prompt (from SQL*Plus) to perform all SP testing in Oracle. I have a thread in the FAQ's for the database area on how to do that and retun the resultsets back from a cursor.
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