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Thread: Visual studio error

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    Visual studio error

    any time i try to open an existing application in visual 2003, VS closes down without any error messages. im running amd turion 64 processor on xp pro sp2. any help would be great

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    Re: Visual studio error

    I've never come across this before and cannot make any suggestion as to what is wrong. But as no-one has posted I will ask a couple of questions in the hope that someone will be prompted.

    I take it you do not get any problems creating an new project, if so have you tried creating an empty project and adding the files individually.?

    What version of VS was the existing project created in?

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    Re: Visual studio error

    You can try this if you are lost for an answer:

    1) open 2 instances of visual studio (but dont open any projects)
    2) in once instance select "debug processes" from the tools menu, it will bring up a list of running processes, look for devenv.exe (the visual studio IDE) and click attach (debug using CLR)
    3) now go to the debug menu, and select Exceptions and then select to break into the debugger when an exception is thrown
    4) now open your project in the other instance (the one that the debugger is attached to) and see if the IDE throws any kind of exception before it closes

    if this doesn't work for you, and you can create new projects as davidrobin mentioned above, you may need to copy and paste the project page by page into a new project to get it working right again...

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