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Thread: End of dynamic arrays/ Listboxes

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    End of dynamic arrays/ Listboxes


    i have a dynamic array, is there a way to mark the end of a dynamic array so that you know how large it is??

    I also have a listbox, is there a condition you can create that says "if an item is not selected do something"??


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    Re: End of dynamic arrays/ Listboxes

    VB Code:
    1. Dim MyArr() As String
    2. MyArr.GetUpperBound(0) ' The 0 means that you want the first dimension upper bound
    3. ' If you had a multi-dimensional array, you would use a number other than 0 to
    4. ' get different upper bounds for different dimensions
    5. MyListBox.Items.Count - 1 ' for list box upper bound
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