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Thread: Few Question's

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    Few Question's


    Wanted the answer's for a few question's I couldnt figure out.Thanks in advance.

    1)What is the difference between the functions memmove() and memcpy()? 
    2)What is the difference between the functions rand(), random(), srand () and randomize()? 
    3)How would you obtain the current time and difference between two times? 
    4)What do the functions atoi(), itoa() and gcvt() do? 
    5)Can you write a function similar to printf()? 
    6)How much maximum can you allocate in a single call to malloc()?

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    Re: Few Question's

    1. memcpy doesn't work if the source and target regions overlap, memmove will do the right thing in that case.
    2. look them up
    3. use the 'time' function
    4. look them up (there is no standard function itoa)
    5. yes
    6. that depends on the system you are running on
    7. we are not going to do your homework for you

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