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Thread: Create a New WkSheet on Wkbook open

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    Create a New WkSheet on Wkbook open

    I'm putting together an Excel spreadsheet for a work project that requires receiving worksheets (27 different sheets with various data) from 1,000+ users and consolidating the data returned (which is basically dates of attendance) by a userid identifier in one master workbook.

    The user completed sheets will come in weekly and the consolidated data needs to be saved as we go (so that we can refer back to if the need arises).

    What I want to happen is: As soon as the work book is opened, a new sheet is added and renamed by date and automatically saved.

    How do I code for this? I am okay with consolidating the data just have no clue on how to get the sheet into the workbook (aside from manually adding it)

    Any help at all would be awesome.
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