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Thread: Calculation Error in seperate document

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    Calculation Error in seperate document

    I use word automation in my VB app
    and i use MailMerge to generate labels connected with an access table
    Now All works well
    Only i get an error 'A Field calculation error occured in record 24
    This error is shown in a separate extra document.
    Can i just totaly prevent this error from being displayed?
    and this through VB code
    Is there some kind of setting?
    Now the record 24 in my table contains a correct value, probable
    the reason is that it's the last label of the page and i use nested {= {}} fields, and word tries to do/calculate something and cant execute it, becuase i use special fields. But there is no real calculation needed, i have in the tablecell only several mailmergefields from that table but in front i put a = sign to force to outside field of staying displayed... But the main thing is just to ignore the error completely and it may not be visible

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    Re: Calculation Error in seperate document

    I did found a setting to not pause when an error occurs but this still shows the error
    in separate window.
    There seems no setting for not giving any errormessages, in the window 'Checking and reporting errors', this has only 3 error options.
    Now i maybe can write a workaround.
    One solution i thought can be following:
    I check de number of open documents before the merge
    and after the merge if difference is >1 than close that window (is probably the extra error window).
    Maybe i could check the windows caption, but is this word version or language sensitive? I suppose there is a better way, can someone improve this.
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