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Thread: Copying Entire Folder Structures

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    Exclamation Copying Entire Folder Structures

    Is there a way to copy an entire folder and file structure from one drive to another through code?

    I'm trying to copy folders, sub-folders, and the files that these folders/sub-folders hold without having to do a bunch of loops.

    I'm doing this right now using the DIR function to find all folders and files but I'm looking for an easier way.

    Thanks in advance...
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    Re: Copying Entire Folder Structures

    You could use FileSystemObject's CopyFolder method for it.
    (If you don't want to use CreateObject, then add a reference to Microsoft Scripting Runtime.)
    VB Code:
    1. Dim fso As Object
    2. Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    3. fso.CopyFolder "C:\SourceFolder", "D:\DestFolder"
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