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Thread: Creating URL on the FLy in VB6

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    Creating URL on the FLy in VB6

    Hello All,

    Its been a while since i got into developing applications. About 6 months now. Since i strayed into web design and graphics for a project i had. Here is my dilema.

    I don't know if anyone in here will firstly understand what I am trying to do as I find myself looking for resources and info yet about what i am trying to accomplish. Basically . I have webserver that i can create pages to view certain data by simply feeding the server data eg.

    http://myserver/page?pageid=BS;S#ACT;E#VER... Basically I am feeding it data object BS with some parameters S# with variables ACT and E# and variables VER which in turn would create and show me the data in the page i want to view. However what i want to do is create all possible combinations of URLs so that i could search it according to keywords that would bring up exact matches.

    I was seeing if i could feed all these none existent URLs into google so that i could later search the search engine and then have it bring back the URLS so i could then click the link to my server. However on some other forums i found out it was almost impossible since the combinations would be seemingly endless and google would want to index or throw 404 errors. One suggestion was to create the pages or a page with the links on my site and then crawl it or something?

    Eg of combinations i want to feed a search engine:


    The reason for trying to feed all these none existent URLs was so that later i could use the engine api and integrate it into my desktop and then search it to show me the data on my server since the combinations would be seemingly large.

    So if i wanted to see data on a page i would just type in some keywords and the search engine would return back the matching links and i would see that page since it would be created on the fly.

    I would like some info on going about and doing this or figuring out what tools to use such as 2005, asp or vb6 if i need to use some sql or anything.

    Thanks I appreciate it

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    Re: Creating URL on the FLy in VB6

    Let's see if I understand this. You want to use Google to go to http://myserver/page (I assume that's just an example, not a real web site) and give it thousands of different arguments to see what it returns?

    Or you want to use Google to search thousands of randomly-created site names to see if any of them return results from a cgi request (which is what you seem to be doing here).

    Neither of these makes any sense, since neither one will accomplish anything.

    You can't "just type in some keywords" to "see data on a page" because the page has to be written to accept data and generate html to send back to you based on that data, and most web pages just don't do that. And, if you annoy a page enough, first you, then your provider may be blocked from that site, causing your provider to get miffed at you and close your account. A lot of people would consider what you want to do abuse of their site.

    Why would you want to do any of this anyway?

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