Hey I'm having a serious problem, but noy always.

I have a chat program installed on a LAN, all the clients connects to the server, but i've noticed that the PC clients after a long time running the Client program, they can't access internet anyway!

I've taken the manychat.zip sample that can be found on FreeVbcode.com as the base for my program.

If a try navigate Internet Explorer says "Could not open the Search page"

and the Mirc says "No buffer space"

and the pc has to be rebooted. after that all is okey.

I think that the winsock control is leaking some type of recurses.

This happens randomly in some PCs.

Is the a way to prevent this?

Or you know if this is a bug in the winsock control?

if it's a bug in the control, how about using the winsock DLL instead?