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Thread: Need an API guru

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    I have posted this question before and have not got the answer I was hoping for. Heres the backgorund, I am using a vendor software package written in Access (compiled).The package allows me to create add-in (sort of) so I can use my custom forms while in his application. The add-in has to be a an activeX .dll in order to work. His program simply calls my .dll.

    The problem is that his program requires me to use all my forms as modal forms or it bombs. If I have three or forms in my .dll, it gets messy because if you are on the 4th modal form and you want to back out, you have to backout through all the forms. Is there a way I can break the modal restriction or is it a restriction of the .dll. I played around with using the API to hide the windows, but it is kind of hokie.

    Please help me.
    Shawn Hull
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    If it's in the program I think it would be a real hassle to get that fixed, but if you need to toggle between always on top, hide or move the window I'll be glad to help you.

    let me know what you wanna do!
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