Dear Friends

With reference to your assistance and advice i done the following for connecting the Oracle with VB.

1. I have created the DSN as well System DSN Name
2. Then I get into the VB Select the MSDRC1 from Components (Microsoft RDO Connection)
3. In Properties of the MSDRC1 I Select the Data Source Name which i have created already.
4. I also add the Microsoft Activex Data Object from the Reference.
5. The i drag down one Text box to associate the record.

In Loading Statement I also entered the code which i received from you.

This is problem iam facing.

As soon as i Select the Data field for association the oracle is gettin connected sucsusfully, after that
it showing a error

"S1000.ORA.-00911:Invalid Character"

Please let me confirm and explain with one small example, what i have done is correct or i have to do enything else.

Thanking your