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    Im in need of your help.
    I wonder what I should use for the following task, Im not able to use CGI/Perl/ASP.

    Anyway here is my problem.
    Im gona make a survey (thats not the problem) but when the user completes the survey and click send. then the information form the survey is to be sendt to a file on my server and be added at the end of that file so it will not overwrite any data.

    So is this possible to do with Java/JavaScript/DHTML or any other Scripting language?
    Or am I stuck here ?

    I know this could have been done with ease with CGI/Perl but currently I have no access to use those.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Well, I need to know a couple of things.

    Are you working from a free web host (i.e. Geocities, Tripod, Xoom?)

    If that is the case then writing to the server maybe impossible because of security reasons most free host disable that feature.

    However if you are working on a local intranet, you maybe in luck. Let me know what is exactly going on.

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