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Thread: Form1.Setfocus for keypress

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    Looks like Text1.SetFocus works better for trapping the downarrow key to scroll up and down a bitmap, than does Form1.SetFocus. Using the downarrow key after Form1.SetFocus when coming out of a control goes directly into tab order and the cursor jumps thru all of the controls.

    Text1.SetFocus requires that Text1.Visible=True, which is kind of ugly if I don't need a textbox.

    What control (and keypress) is recommended for best detecting, say, the user hitting the downarrow key?


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    Smile Hmm..

    Dunno, but why not just put the textbox off the screen?
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    Set the KeyPreview property of the Form to True. This will make sure that all key presses go to the Form first, then the control which has the focus.

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