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Thread: Decimal Data Type

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    Hello everybody.

    I am having a problem passing a variable to a stored procedure. I am calling an MTS object to run the procedure. Everything is working fine, except one SQL field. The field is of type Decimal, length is 9, precision is 10, and scale is 5. If I pass the parameter, which has a value of 1.5, to the ADO command object as type adInteger, it works but is rounded. The variable is a short. I can change it if need be. I tried passing it to the proc as type adDecimal, but I get an error. Does anyone know how I should set up this parameter?


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    Hi, this is just a try,

    try vbdouble instead of vbdecimal. I just have a feeling this might work. Sorry if it doesnt...all the best...vijay

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