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Thread: Collection and Class crisis

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    I am writing an application which is a POS system. the application is made up of 2 components; an executable that contains the client interface(forms) and a dynamic link libary that contains the data services.

    I am using one class module to access the database. All data retrieved using the class module is added to a collection. The collection is then used on the form.

    When I add information using the form the database is updated fine. But I can't seem to work out how to update the collection with the new information.

    Any help would be much appreciated

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    Hi Son Wils !!!

    First of all why do you use a collection, if you have allready a database as backend? You can store/retrieve information directly without any collection.

    Now to your problem:
    If you made a collection you need a unique
    Key (identifier) for each entry in the collection.
    With this key you can retrive/set any values (depends if you permit the changes) of the collection.
    In your case (whitout seeing your code) you have allready the key of each collection entry. The only thing what you must do is use the key and find the entry of the collection and change them.

    Hope this help a little bit

    -cu TheOnly

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