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Thread: FTP Need help as soon as possible.Pleeeeeeeeeeese

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    I am triing to ftp some files from the program that converts
    files.The program has no interface,just a start up form that has inet control.
    I thought I was doing everything right,but the other party that has to receive the files is not getting them.
    All the information that they provided me is correct because I did it from DOS and it worked,but not from the program. I am very new to vb.Here is the code tht I am using ,can somebody plase help me.

    Public Sub FTPFile(ByVal pstrOrigin As String, _
    ByVal pstrURL As String, _
    ByVal pType As FTPType, _
    ByVal pstrDestination As String, _
    ByVal pstrUserID As String, _
    ByVal pstrPassword As String)

    Dim strTemp As String ' temp holder for a string

    On Local Error GoTo FTPFileErr

    If inetFTP.StillExecuting = True Then
    End If

    With inetFTP
    .Protocol = icFTP
    .URL = pstrURL
    .Password = pstrPassword
    .UserName = pstrUserID
    .Execute , "DIR"

    ' find out if putting or getting file
    If pType = ftpPut Then
    strTemp = "PUT "
    ElseIf pType = ftpGET Then
    strTemp = "GET "
    End If
    strTemp = strTemp & pstrOrigin & " " & pstrDestination
    .Execute , strTemp

    End With

    and then I call it in my function that converts the file

    Call FTPFile(ExportFHPath, "", ftpPut, " /TMCBS.KEMPER.DDOUKEIJ(+1)", "kemxmit", "kemfhgc")

    Thank you .

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    What about using FTP throught MSDOS?

    I am new at this too, but the only way that I know
    how to do is using to create the followings:
    1. the bat file to run the filename.dat
    2. filename.dat would just have the files to be
    ftp in it
    3. Shell out and run the bat file inside of
    the VB app.
    If this is something you would like to know more, just
    let me know.

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