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    hi all,

    i would like to know how to make a CD autorun.
    also, if im not sure whther the user who is installing the app has MSVBVM60.dll, can i just include it on the CD itself if i want a 'Teaser App' to start first?

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    to make an autorun, write a file (in notepad) that contains the following:
    OPEN=Insert EXE Filename Here
    ICON=EXE File, 1 or ICO File
    Replace Insert EXE Filename Here with the path of the exe for the autorun on the cd (i.e. \start.exe or \program\setup.exe)

    Replace EXE File,1 or ICO File with a file that has an icon resource. If the file has more than one icon, use FileSpec, 1 (i.e. \start.exe, 1 or \program\myprog.ico)

    AutoRun menus (when you right click on the cdrom icon) are currently beyond my knowledge.

    A good way to test an autorun (before writing it to a cd) is to put the autorun file on a Zip disk and (using the Iomega zip utils) make the disk "Non-removable." I've found this to work highly accurately when testing my Autoruns.

    Note: I think this requires an internal Zip drive to work.

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