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Thread: trimming blank fields to 0

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    i am converting one file to another from an old dos program and the old file has some empty fields that i don't want in the new file. i have been able to convert the file but it brought all the empty fields. i tried these statements with not results Please help

    if trim(Len(Name)) = 0 then skip saving this record
    if Len(trim(Name)) = 0 then skip saving this record

    neither works Please help

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    Well, the second one should have worked, but it might be that there is a hidden character there, so you can't see it, but it still counts in the len ..

    try adding:

    replace (name,vbrclf,"")
    for counter=0 to 32
    replace (name,chr(counter),"")

    if isnull(trim(Name)) then skip saving this record
    if trim(Name) = "" then skip saving this record

    Hope it helped ..

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