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Thread: Concatenate with spacing

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    How do you concatenate two strings into a list box with spaces between the concatenation. IE, I want to put two string values together using a loop function. Each time it loops it concatenates the two stings and displays them in a list box. Is there something I can use to make the two strings equi-distant apart giving a table-look? Thanks...

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    You can use the Split function and put the string(s) into an array to do this.

    Private Sub Command1_Click()
        Dim vArrayName As Variant
        Dim strArrName As String
        Dim intIndex As Integer
        TheString = "Hello World"
        vArrayName = Split(TheString, " ")
        For intIndex = 0 To UBound(vArrayName)
            strArrName = strArrName & vArrayName(intIndex) & vbTab
        Next intIndex
        MsgBox strArrName
    End Sub

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    You could try this:
    listbox.additem string1 & space(30 - len(string1)) & string2
    Paul Bousa

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