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Thread: Add, Delete, Modify a record

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    I am wanting to allow employees to Add, Update or Delete records in a database. I have setup MSHFlexgrid to display the MS Access database.

    I am wanting to allow them
    to insert text into the database fields on the FlexGrid

    to click the record they want to delete and delete that record

    to type new info in a field (on a current record) and update the record.

    Does anyone know if this can be done and how?


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    A flexgrid does not allow you to update records you have to use either a database grid, a datagrid or if you want to use a flex grid you have to do a little imaginative programming. You can create a "floating" text box (a regular test box that you control programmatically) and use it to update the values in a flex grid.

    text1.left = flexgrid.col(index).left and then code the value in the text box into the grid.

    email me for more specifics or check VB's help files for the article on using flexgrids to update.

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