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Thread: Decompiler..Please urgent!!

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    hi all,

    Can any one please tell me where can i find a decompiler, that is to extract the codes from the exe file for a free download. Its very urgent..

    thanx and regards,


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    You'll be lucky!!! You can easily get resource editors for exe files (MS Visual C++) is a good one, but I'm pretty sure that much of the original high level coding & language is lost when you compile so it can't be decompiled back to the original code.

    (Having said that, I bet Microsoft have one that they keep for themselves and don't tell anyone about!!!)

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    Yea, I agree with Kayoca. It allows others to steal your work. But the nice the nice thing about decompilers is that you can SEE if someone else is stealing your work..

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    I hate Decopiler's. And do you know why. Because. when i writing a program for business and when they have the program
    they could easy decompile and use the source code for them selve. And dont tell me the legal rights. They only have to change the interface. And they can sell the program.

    Yes. it's a hard world.

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