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Thread: ping - stopping it

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    if someone was to ping my computer, how could i get it to notify me of thier attempts to ping and tell me their ip address?

    i need this because i want to make a program that will protect against nuking, spoofing, etc.

    and is there a way of stopping the packet from getting returned back to the computer that sent it?

    I Use Visual Basic 5.0 Enterprise Edition SP3

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    The problem with blocking packets from bouncing is that many of your online programs will function improperlly. Many of them use pings to determine your online status and activity. Even if you have no conflicting programs...your ISP most liely monitors your status with several arp requests that you have to reply to.
    So i'm not sure how you would go about blocking those packets...but what you could do is simply monitor the pings which will require you to produce a firewall. For examples on those you can visit


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    Get something like BlackICE Defender (about $40.00) from Network ICE or ZoneAlarm (a free download) from Zone Labs

    I have seen BlackICE Defender's intruder log. It's pretty impressive. I have Zone Alarm at home. My log shows outgoing web access only, but that is because I am behind a hardware firewall (UGATE-Plus).

    I have been very happy with the Ugate. It sits between the cable modem and switch. The ShieldsUp test at Gibson Research can only see port 113 and it is closed.

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