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Thread: VB6 - MouseWheel with Any Control (originally just MSFlexGrid Scrolling)

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    VB6 - MouseWheel with Any Control (originally just MSFlexGrid Scrolling)

    These example projects demonstrate enabling the MouseWheel for any control (multiple controls / multiple forms).


    Enabling MouseWheel Support with any control - attached to post #1
    14/03/06: Slight correction to code
    20/04/06: Minor modification to code (more info: post #9)
    12/01/07: Nested Controls example created allowing the mousewheel to work with controls nested to any depth - incorporates fixes from other posts (1, 2) - attached to post #1

    Scrolling the MSFlexGrid that the mouse is over - attached to post #2
    21/02/06: Small bug fix

    Scrolling if the MSFlexGrid is the active control - attached in post #13 of original thread

    The hooking code was modified from here.
    Original thread, with suggestions from other members.

    These codes use subclassing which can cause your IDE to crash if your code is incorrectly ended (e.g. via the stop button).
    See here for adding in code to detect if your program is running in the IDE

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