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    I have never used stylesheets before.

    I am using the following style. How can I reference this in a style sheet so that I do not have to keep retyping it when I need to use it ?

    <style rollover>
    A:link {color: #003E71; text-decoration: none}
    A:visited {color: #003E71; text-decoration: none}
    A:hover {color: RED; text-decoration: none}

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    use include

    Put that code in a file called mystyles.css
    and put:
    <!--#INCLUDE FILE="mystyles.css" -->
    on top of your pages...

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    Another solution is to create your css document and add a meta tag:

    <link REL=""STYLESHEET"" TYPE=""text/css"" HREF=""mystylesheet.css"">"

    just add this line to all your pages instead of the style tags...

    BTW- do not include the <STYLE> tags in a stylesheet..
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    sorry to butt in guys, but which of the above is the most efficient way to apply the stylesheet to your document? Im having trouble applying a stylesheet to a frame in my frameset, when its already been applied successfully in another frame in the same set. i think my problem is with linking or including it. please help.

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    Make sure you include the style sheet reference in EACH page, use the method that Monte96 suggested

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    I'm not normally stupid, but...

    im working on one page at a time at the mo. the stylesheet works in the page at the bottom of the frame, but the one im trying to fix (on the left of the frameset) doesnt respond. the best ive got is by applying the stylesheet in dreamweaver. The WYSIWYG window show the stylesheet applied properly, but when i view it in the browser it doesnt work.

    Ive tried copying the code from the other frame, (which is the same as monte69's method), and I've tried rewriting the head content of my document (with a little help from the O'Reilly CSS book), and still nothing.


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    Ive fixed it now, thanks everybody. The problem was with dreamweavers linking. Ive got broken links everywhere now, so theres a lot of cleaning up to do. I was doing it right all along (bloody macromedia! *@!$)

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