Recently I have been viewing source code from Planet source code but when I attempt to open the vbp file I usually get atleastone error. Errors like: "Retained is an invalid key. The janedoe.vbp cannot be loaded."

Now I have been able to determine that Retained is a VB6 term and for the most part I can not see what Retained does. I simply delete the RETAINED line and all is fine.

On some occassion I run into an even tougher issue:
"MSCOMCTL.OCX could not be loaded-Continue loading project?"
Naturally I click yes, and once the vbp is loaded I go into "add Components" and add the correct ocx, (if I have it). Sometimes I ended up not having a requested OCX, I search the web for the ocx to download, but usually I come up with only documention on the ocx but no offered download link.

I am using vb5 Enterprise edition, what am I doing wrong, or is this a typical situation for everyone?

Second can some one explain what the Retained property does?

Third, If I am missing certain OCX's, Is there a specific place I can visit to download them (for free)?

I am self teaching myself and it is very irritating, since there is nothing in any book I have that discusses these topics.

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