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Thread: Program control flow?

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    I do gravitational computations in a loop which does not terminate until user touches a particular command button. The loop includes a DoEvents Call.

    If other command buttons, options, chkboxes, et cetera are used, I assume that the computations are interrupted.

    Does control return to the statement after the DoEvents Call? I assume it does. Suppose I start other indefinite loops (with DoEvents Calls included) during an interrupt? Will VB properly manage really complex control flow, and eventually return to the original computation loop after the DoEvents call?

    Does anybody understand what I am asking?

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    No, it won't if you start another infinite loop it won't ever return to your gravitational computation loop until it's terminated and has executed all code left in all procedures that were launched on the button event.

    That means only one thing, that doevents only allows to raise new events and will return when they are all executed
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