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Thread: Ritch text box wrapping

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    I have been trying to progran a ritch text file editor threw vb to have available on my under construction web site. I am having trouble making the text wrap in the RTF box. Ihave tryed the same methods in the properties as in a normal text but nothing changes. Is this a bug in the vb application or is it me? If it is me can anyone help?

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    I don't seem to have that problem. I can put the box on the form and the wrap will happen as long as the text is longer than the box. No extra code or anything needed. I am filling the textbox with the contents of a file.

    Private Sub File1_Click()
        RichTextBox1.LoadFile File1.Path & "\" & File1.FileName
    End Sub
    if I just type it in it wraps as well.

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    Yuo need to set the rightmargin property. Setting it to the richtextbox width makes it wrap at the edge of the richtextbox

    - gaffa

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