I am having a problem when I load up my project in VB6 and when I try to run the project I get a error msg and it shuts down VB. The error msg says:

VB6.exe has generated errors and will be closed by windows. An error log is being created.

I then pulled up the Dr. Watson error log file that was created and it showed a fault pointng to a function
"VBA6!EbInitializeEventMonitors". There are a few other errors that all point to "VBA6!...."
I am not sure why I am getting a error msg from VBA6 and what DLL this function is contained in.

I am running windows 2000 and office 2000. This particular program was originally created in VB 5.0 and I converted it to VB 6.0 and it is still using the windows common controls from VB5(sp2). I don't think that this is the problem because the machine at work does not crash like this one at home.
It also crashes when I try to run some other projects, so I think it has something to so with a DLL conflict. I wiped the 3 times and tried it with sp3, sp4 and without the service packs and the same thing occurred. I even tried it with nothing on the machine but VB6 and the same thing occurred.

If anyone has any suggestions let me know.