Midterm exam and lab homework due tomorrow, and migraines have dictated my intelligence level for the week. I have the order form layed out with appropriate txt, pic, lst, and cmd boxes, a clear box, and the basic understanding of the results I'm trying to get. But my brain won't let me do any of the coding. Here's the jist of the thing:

Form inputs customer name, address, city, state (a list box with 5 specific states), and zip. Each are text boxes, with label boxes next to them. Each label box needs an access key (ex &Name in the caption) that puts the cursor into the text box next to it. All command buttons have access keys.

Form has opt buttons for them to pick skateboards ($10 each), helmets ($20 each), or baseballs ($5 each). A "quantity" button next to each for the user to type in how many they want. The quantity should be multiplied by the cost and added to a subtotal, which would in turn be taxed and spit out a total in a total text box.

All 3 items start out with 100 in the inventory for each.

There should be a way to calculate an order, clear the screen, display the current inventory of all three items. I don't know how to get the clear_click to clear the option buttons that were clicked, but I'd like to do that.

Tax rate on each state has to be between 2% and 5%, I thought I'd set it so that when they click the list box for the state, it would default to a specific rate and use that in the calculation. I have to use if/then/else logic to test for errors on taxes.

The "user" would be a data entry clerk taking an order over the phone. Only one order per customer, no need for a data base to store customer info after the screen is cleared. But inventory would still need to be accounted for with consecutive orders.

If anyone wants to give this a shot and wants to see what I've coded so far, send me an ICQ (2305921) or an e-mail (bestatte@earthlink.net) and I'll send the form or paste it into an ICQ chat.

Thanks in advance - and remember it's due tomorrow night and I work tomorrow so I might not respond right away!