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Thread: How Do I hyperlink to a different page using Vbscript

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    Sorry I'm a newbie. How do I hyperlink to a new page using Vbscript? I was told I could do it with Java. Basically I writing a web tutorial, that when the user enters the proper info and hit's OK I want to go to the next page.
    Help Pulease!

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    i'm not sure if i got your question right, but you can try this out:

    <%@Language=VBScript %>
    <head><title>your title</title></head>
    <body background="/images/bground.gif" bgcolor="#ffffff" text="#000000" marginheight="0" topmargin="0">
      Response.Write "<a href='http://yourURL.html/'>go to yourURL</a>"
    hope this helps.

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