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Thread: Remote File Generation

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    Does anyone know how to open a connection to a remote server and write file in a known directory in VBScript????



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    Remote files

    You have 2 problems, and need 2 solutions.

    The first problem is having to write to text file and save it to a local hard drive - this is very simple to do using the Scripting.FileSystemObject.

    The second problem is not quite a simple. There are 2 options - you can try to create a mapped drive in your code, and then save your file to the mapped drive (using the WScript.Network Object). The second is to create or use a custom FTP control and FTP the file to it's location based on the WinInet control. Check out Niles Black's free ASPFTP COM-object for more info on this, but remember, the directory needs to have FTP access.

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