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Thread: JDK1.3 Question

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    I just got this JDK1.3 from my friend. And I wrote a small app and saved it in notepad. Under HelloWorldApp.Java
    When i goto compile it C:\JDK1.3\Bin javac -sourcepath HelloWorldApp.Java dos says nothing and just puts up the current directory. The help file says "If the compilation succeeds, the compiler creates a file named HelloWorldApp.class in the same directory (folder) as the Java source file ( But there is no class file to be found. Can anyone show me a simple example of how to compile something.

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    You type the bold commands...

    From the directory "TheDir" where is:

    You should then see HelloWorldApp.class after this compiles.

    Then use "java.exe" without the ".class" extension.
    C:\TheDir>c:\jdk1.3\bin\java HelloWorldApp

    I noticed that "-sourcepath" didn't work correctly in 1.2

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