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    Hello Gang!

    Karl Moore here. Hope you're all keeping mighty fine.

    I'm on the prowl for a few supercool beta testers that are willing to devote a lil' time to checking out a neat new Internet tool - and be rewarded in the process.

    The product is called WebZinc and essentially allows developers to manipulate the Web in the easiest way possible. Whether you want to grab the latest Microsoft stock quote, snatch details of late-breaking news stories, search the Web using your favourite engine or fill out and submit forms - WebZinc can help you do it - *automatically*.

    Once you grab this info via WebZinc, you can slap it into a regular application - or use its features to upload the content direct to your site(s).

    So it's a pretty groovy tool. And we're hoping to roll it out for testing early November - so I'm here looking for potential beta testers.

    What do you guys think?

    Active testers will each receive a fully-fledged copy of the application when released (planned for January 2001), plus more freebies - such as t-shirts, press packs, etc.

    All we ask is that you give our application a good ol' thrashing - and tell us what happened.

    If you want to take part, please drop me a line - - and we can chat!

    Thanks muchly folks - speak to you soon! ;>

    --- Karlos

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    sure, I'll help
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    I'm in too!!! (oh wait, i'll send ya an email )
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