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    Dear All,
    How does one handle a situation(maintaining session state) when cookies are disabled and therefore sessions support is not available.
    Thanks in advance

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    You would have to pass the values you want to maintain from page to page if it is session specific. You also have the application object as well you can put variables into but it is global and not session specific. You would have to essentially maintain your own session IDs.

    It will get really messy passing everything you need to maintain state on to each page and reading the information in on each page. Probably not a big deal for one or two things, but if you need more than that it will become cumbersome.

    I think there was a discussion of this in another thread, but the bottom line is that cookies play a vital role in allowing a web application to function and maintain state. My feelings are that if the user turns them off, they can't use the web app.
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