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Thread: Problem with a scrollbar:

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    I have a scroll bar.

    The scroll bar has a Max Value of 64 and Min Value of 0
    Large Change is set to 5
    Small Change is set to 1
    Value is set to 2

    When the App starts a large change (bar moved to the very left) - will not result in a change of the value (it stays at 2 even though it should be at 0).

    After the value has been changed once though, the scroll bar works perfectly.

    Why does the the value not change from 2 to 0 when the first action is to move the bar handle to the far left?

    Any thoughts? - Thanks for any help

    BTW - I'm displaying a the value in a locked textbox.

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    I know this may seem a little daft but why not just have the start value set to 0 instead of 2?
    Thanks in advance for any help provided.

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