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Thread: compile error - something with Private Type/End Type, I think

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    Could someone please suggest to me why I keep getting the error:

    Compile error: Type mismatch

    I have this code in my form. When I click command1 I get the error, and this comes up highlighted:

    temp_fraction =


    Here's my code (A function in a module is being called):

    Option Explicit

    Dim sign_string As String

    Private Type Fraction_type
    numerator As Integer
    denominator As Integer

    End Type

    Private Sub Command1_Click()
    Dim topinteger As Integer
    Dim bottominteger As Integer

    Dim temp_fraction As Fraction_type
    topinteger = Int(Rnd * 20) - 10
    bottominteger = Int(Rnd * 20) - 10
    If bottominteger = 0 Then
    bottominteger = 3
    End If

    'temp fraction is highlighted
    temp_fraction = Fraction(topinteger, bottominteger)

    Call format_func(2000, 1400, "hello =", temp_fraction.numerator, temp_fraction.denominator, Picture1)

    End Sub


    Thanks for any help!

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    The function "Fraction" would have to be returning a data type of "fraction_type" (and I believe the ability of VB to return UDT's from functions is a fairly recent development - maybe only since VB6?).

    Anywho, I beleive the function header should look something like this:

    Function Fraction(i As Integer, j As Integer) As Fraction_type
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