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Thread: How do i get a varible to go from one form to another

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    How do i get a varible to go from one form to another

    if you want to see the code email

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    One way is to use a public variable in a .BAS module and use this public from both forms.

    Another way is to put a public variable at the form level in the second form and load the second form from the first form, set the variable, then show the second form. If you put a public variable at the form (general declarations) level on a form it can be easily accessed with form.variablename notation just like any other form property/method. It's kind of like adding a rough property to your form (without the Property Let/Get routines). For example, in your second form you might have something like (at the general declarations section):

    Public Incoming As Variant

    From the first form you could then do something like:

    Load Form2
    Form2.Incoming = "hello world!"


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    Either use a Public Variable or Property in the Form code:

      Public sPublicVar as String
      Private sPrivateVar as String
      Property Get PrivateVar() as String
        PrivateVar = sPrivateVar
      End Property
      Property Set PrivateVar(ByVal sIn as String)
        sPrivateVar = sIn
      End Property

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