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Thread: How Change the Regional Settings from vb

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    Hi Everybody,

    Is it possible to change the system date to "dd/mm/yyyy" and time to "HH:mm:ss" format through vb code? If so please let me know how!!!! And Is It possible to deny access to the control panel of windows 9x versions through vb?

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    SetLocaleInfo, can be used to set a wide range of regional settings.

    Add the following in the declarations section of our project's code module:

    Public Const LOCALE_SSHORTDATE = &H1F

    Public Declare Function GetSystemDefaultLCID _
    Lib "kernel32" () As Long

    Public Declare Function SetLocaleInfo Lib _
    "kernel32" Alias "SetLocaleInfoA" ( _
    ByVal Locale As Long, _
    ByVal LCType As Long, _
    ByVal lpLCData As String) As Boolean

    Private Sub Main()
    Dim lngLocale As Long

    lngLocale = GetSystemDefaultLCID()

    If SetLocaleInfo(lngLocale, _
    "MM/dd/yyyy") = _
    False Then
    ' Handle error, possibly by writing it
    ' to a server error log
    End If

    End Sub

    I hope the above code will help as I was also strugling on the net to find its solution.


    Neeraj Matta.

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