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Thread: Holloween!

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    what are you gonna dress up for holloween??

    I'll look like this

    I am not going trick-or-treating, but I am gonna walk around scaring the bajeevies out of people

    Nahhh, I think I'll just hide in my yard... then when someone walks in, I'll push the little button on the fog-machine, then jump up holding a machette, or an AK-47....

    Ummm.. Yeah... I'll use the machette,
    people might start to complain if I point guns at them j/k

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    Talking smart ass thing too say? maybe

    Thats great dude...
    What are you going too dress up as for Holloween?
    Are you going too paint yourself with fake blood? and when someone walks in your yard you are going too jump out of a bush with an ak-47 or a machette?</sarcasim>

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    lol Sophtware. You are definitly on the humor list!

    I don't dress up for halloween no more. I just stopped in 5th grade, I hated it. That's okay though, I just eat my brother and sister's candy.

    What are brothers and sisters for?

    Man, this halloween is going to be good, and when April fools comes...muhahahahah >=).

    So many people, so little time .

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    Thats no fake blood...I beat the hell out of him just before he took the picture I stopped in 6th grade. But I also eat my little sisters candy

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    Talking WHAT??????

    KaNdY???????? You mean all these years i could have been dressed up in a silly costume and got candy for it??</sarcasim>

    Bad SteveCRM ..You no hit dennis no more

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    I once got half a bag of oreos, a game of sorry, and a frisby from one house. Sorry dennis (good thing I stole all of the ammo to all of his guns )

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    Again, I must say my famous line....

    you guys suck...

    you can't even be a smartass without having to anounce it....
    come on.....
    your like 21 sophtware... and you can't even be a smart ass......
    I pity the person who talks to you face to face...... it'll be like talking to ben stein......

    Hello, my name is sophtware,
    <sarcasm> are you a person </sarcasm>
    *person looks at sopht really stupidly*
    *sophtware snickers monotone-like as if his "joke" was funny*

    you suck.....

    *points finger*

    steves getting a little better at being a smartass.... well because he's been talking to me

    and I haven't talked to matthew for a while, so he's starting to lose it before he ever had it....

    *Dennis tries to keep straight face*


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    why thank you, I try...

    HEY!!!!!!!! WAIT A SECOND!!!!!!!! I DON"T SUCK!!!!!!!!!

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    Talking Yes Yes Yes...

    The only reason i have too point out my smartasness (is that a word?) is because of people like gen...

    Lets see you argue all the time dennis and then see how easy it is too just post a message without someone taking it the wrong way.

    Besides YOU SUCK!!!!

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    I argue all the time.... but it's with myself....

    I think I have inhabited some of V(ery)'s habbits...

    <mouth: why are you making me say that?>
    <brain: shutup and keep talking>
    <mouth: what?>
    <hands: shut up both of you>
    <mouth: I'll show you *bites hands*>
    <brain: oowwww dumbass, that hurts me too>
    <hands: **** you>
    <brain: well I'll teach you *makes hands fall asleep*>
    <hands: AHHHHHHHH 1,000's of needles.. owwwww>


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    Pots and kettles, call each other colors.


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    Naw it's a yank thing

    We only dress up for the mardi gras. This yeah we are trying to enter a gayviator float, but the local fags wont let straight guys in the parade....damn.....guess we will just have to fire up the barbi, get a few slabs of beer, and listen to INXS and Jimmy like we normally do....


    I thought you had to get dress up for this thing, will have a bowl of lollies (oz for candy) ready for your appearance.

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    Talking haha

    Local Fags?!! hahaha what a way too catagorize it

    Damn pansie ass queers

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    Sometimes I start uncontrolably laughing when I am talking to sam......

    he calls cigarettes "fags"

    and well, you can probably guess what I am laughing at.....

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    Talking Yeah you just have to laugh at the poms

    By the way the photo looks like you have been at the bottom of an All Black ruck

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    Looking like that mate you'd be better off trick or treating over the phone!
    Gentile or Jew,
    O you who turn the wheel and look to windward,
    Consider Phlebas, who was once handsome and tall as you...

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    Talking Arbiter

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