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    I am reasonably experienced in VB programming and have done some work in DOS C. I now have to work in with others who are Delphi programmers and I'm going to have to learn Delphi.

    When speaking to these people, they trotted out the usual lines about VB being slow and an interpreted language (yawn!!). Mind you, none had seen the language in about 10 years.

    Question for those in programme in both VB and Delphi. Is Delphi as good as I've heard? Any traps for young players?

    Appreciate any feedback.


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    Well, yes, Delphi is better than VB but not as much as people say. It is faster than VB(that is a fact),creates stand alone executables,supports pointers,API is used directly line in C++ and not like "declare function GetTickCount...".
    Besides this the languages are very very similar.
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