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Thread: Disabling AND graying out controls on a frame

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    I have a frame and few controls on it (combos, labels etc.). I know that when I disable the frame, the controls that are on it get disabled too... but they they're not grayed out automatically.
    Is there a way to gray them out when disabling the frame or do I have to use:

    'control.Enabled = False'

    to all of them?

    Is there a better way to gray out a number of controls atatched to a frame?



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    For every control in the Frame, set their Tag to 1. Then you can use a For...Each loop for every control, check if it's Tag is 1; if so, it will be disabled.
    Frame1.Enabled = False
    Dim ctl As Control
    For Each ctl In Controls
        If ctl.Tag = "1" Then ctl.Enabled = False
    Next ctl

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