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Thread: Trying to finish my first application!

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    Hi guys! I'm in the throes of finishing my first real VB program, and I could use the advice of some of you more experienced folks who have done this kind of thing before. I have a few questions:

    1. I've been going through and setting file paths (to db, graphics, etc), at runtime using App.Path object so the program will work regardless of installation location. Do I need to do this also for the form icons? Also I have a Toolbar that gets images from an ImageList. Do I need to load all of its images at runtime as well w/ the App.Path? Or is setting it up from the property pages good enough? Just want to make sure everything works no matter where you install.

    2. My project uses ADO/Jet 4.0 with Access 2000. Besides the regular VB runtime file, what special database runtimes should I look to include in my install package?

    3. I think I may have more references loaded in my project than are actually being used. How can you tell which references are unnecessary so that you don't include them in the install package?

    Any replies will be gratefully received!

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    1) App.Path will do the job, but I wouldn't suggest adding the Icons/Images in designtime because the Exe will get big and uses lot's of resources.
    Load them in like this:
    Picture1.Picture = LoadPicture(App.Path & "\imgs\img1.jpg")

    Let the P&D wizard create a so called depency file (.dep) and look what DLL's and OCX'es are in there

    In your project press CTRL+T and click each checked depency, VB will warn you when still in use.

    Have Fun!
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    the problem with loading them at runtime is that people can easily change/edit the images. IF you don't want this to happen, then it's best to load them at design time.

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