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Thread: I'll go crazy with these DLL's

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    Hi Folks,

    I am having some problems with a DLL in VC. Actually i have written a DLL in VC which has to be used in different ways. This DLL recieves 2 has one function that recieves 2 parameters - a message and a url (Both char *). That function processes that message and sends the message as a HTTP Get to that URL.

    Now when i tested this with another program in VC it was working fine but when i try to call this DLL with a VB program, it gives the same bloody "DEBUG ASSERTION FAILED" in the VC program at the point in my program where i have taken a pointer of CInternetSession class....

    Any Answers ...
    It has been so many days now and my timeline is very near... I'll really go crazy with these DLL's


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    I never have gotten a (custom) VC DLL to work well with VB. There's just too many little problems like that. My only idea is to trace all your code and make sure its not getting destroyed, passed invalid data, or whatever.
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